Through our IT advisory we provide our clients with the know-how necessary to gain a competitive advantage over their main competitors. Success in this field can be achieved by implementing best market practices in analyzing, developing, implementing and operating IT systems, together with the systemic integration of IT systems.

We develop and verify IT strategies, lead various analyses of the real needs of our clients with respect to the support necessary to manage business processes. Our IT solutions are a combination of our experience in process management and the know-how we have gained while working in high technologies. At our clients’ request, we test our projects in terms of IT costs and outsourcing possibilities for all or a part of IT processes.

We also have experience in implementing projects in the area of information security which includes analyzing IT system security and creating security policies and procedures tailored to the specific needs and profile of the company.

As a result we deliver customised IT solutions which contribute to achieving the business goals of our clients. We focus specifically on the efficiency and security of IT systems and solutions.