Our experts reputation and recognition demonstrates the effectiveness of actions undertaken and the success of projects realized by them. APAX Consulting Group services are aimed at attaining practical results. We feel responsible for the effectiveness of changes we implement and their measurable market and financial effects.



We implement projects that guarantee spectacular success and measurable results for our clients. We take on challenging goals. We support our clients in implementing big changes at the lowest costs. We maintain high standards of services and strengthen client’s competitiveness and prestige on the market.



We are a team of consultants and managers with years of experience in leading Polish and international companies. We create and implement strategic plans, privatization and restructuring programs, improvements in operational activities programs and projects aimed at raising capital, in the biggest Polish and foreign companies operating in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.



As a business partner for our clients, we actively participate in project team work. We not only advise our clients by creating a list of recommendations setting out what needs to be done to improve company’s efficiency but, above all, we implement the necessary changes, solve problems and take responsibility for the effectiveness of proposed recommendations and suggested activities, as well.

Creating value

Our activities are designed to create the value of client’s company. Not only our client receives rich workshop, experience and knowledge, but also personal contacts and, in some cases, the financial commitment to the ongoing project.