Our recruitment process allows us to assess the experience, competences and preferences of candidates as well as to demonstrate our expectations and a career path in our company.

The process consists of the stages outlined below. Tests and case studies as well as interview topics are adjusted to the position and our expectations toward each candidate.


An analysis of the CV and cover letter facilitDescriptionates the first selection of candidates and an assessment of fit based on their education and previous work experience.
Tests and case studies allow us to assess a candidate’s analytical skills and logical thinking. Thanks to these instruments we can evaluate the candidate’s approach to solving the issues we encounter day to day.
Interviews are carried out by the Partner who monitors the recruitment process as well as by the recruitment coordinator. In some cases the interview can be conducted by the Managing Partner or Manager. The aim of the interview is a profound analysis of the candidate’s experience, competences and responses in order to assess the candidate’s potential value to the team and firm. Part of the interview is conducted in English in order to verify the applicant’s level of proficiency.
According to the skills required by the position we apply other tools such as additional tests (psychological, language) or Assessment Center (AC), a 4-8 hour meeting in our office during which the candidate executes different tasks prepared by the recruitment coordinator. The scope of the AC is adjusted to the position concerned. Usually our AC consists of two elements: group and individual tasks.
The last stage in the recruitment process is reference checking (this stage is prepared mainly for candidates applying for the position of Manager or Director). The process involves collecting feedback from superiors, clients, partners and subordinates from the candidate’s previous place of employment.